A whirlwind

It has truly been a whirlwind few weeks for us, as in completely crazy.  Of course, the month of November typically is crazy for everybody.  We have had basketball tryouts and two soccer tournaments and preparing a Thanksgiving dinner for 15, and sitting with someone while they passed, a viewing, a funeral, a birthday party, and a full-on trip to the grocery store.  And, of … Continue reading A whirlwind

Her Name

I recently answered a comment on here about saying her name.  When I am talking about her..I say her name.  I used to say “the whore”, but honestly, that just felt not effective.  Her name is Bobbie.  Her name is Bobbie and she completely disrespected herself, her husband, my husband, and me to have an affair.  I have said her name so much in the … Continue reading Her Name

Love doesn’t mean 100 percent

From last Friday to this coming Sunday, our lives have been a whirlwind of sports, some ending, others beginning.  Thankfully, they are only overlapping by a week.  We literally have been passing each other in the hallway and collapsing into bed at night.  Thankfully texting and phone calls fill the gaps.  As much as times like these might draw others apart, it brings us together. … Continue reading Love doesn’t mean 100 percent