Diamonds and Rhinestones

I lost the diamond out of my wedding ring.  It goes without saying that I’m fairly devastated about the whole thing.  First of all, it was not a cheap diamond.  It wasn’t insured.  But, it’s the sentimental value that is getting to me.  I’m fairly certain that it is somewhere in my house.  And while the diamond is big in comparison to other diamonds, in … Continue reading Diamonds and Rhinestones


We just returned from a vacation in the mountains.  I highly recommend a mountain trip to truly do some soul searching and find yourself and each other again.  We went to one of our favorite places.  The odd thing is, this place is also where it began for them on an overnight business trip.  But, it was our place first and the thought of that … Continue reading Mountains

How are those sheets working out for you now?

I have a list of things I want to say to the OW, but probably won't. But, the title there above is a big one. Her smug and callous bragging that she screwed my husband on the sheets he bought her still makes my blood boil. But, at the same time I want to throw it back at her. After all, those sheets will never … Continue reading How are those sheets working out for you now?


Today is my anniversary. To all of you reading this, you know all of the emotions and expectations and joy and sadness that anniversaries can bring. After an affair your senses are in overdrive. You, without thinking, expect more, the over-the-top, as if some fabulous anniversary of surprises and romance can wipe away the pain of betrayal. We know that it won't, but we want … Continue reading Anniversary

What is wrong with me?

For some unknown reason, that maybe only the rest of you could possibly understand, I have found myself creeping on the OW's blog. She hasn't updated it in months, and I know this. So why do I keep looking? No idea. But, if you have the answer, please share. I keep asking myself why I even care. But, for some reason I do. We both … Continue reading What is wrong with me?

Damage unseen

When dealing with affairs we typically see the emotional effects. All of the invisible pain that everybody in the family feels. But, as I'm sure we have all experienced, there is also damage to the physical aspects of your life. For us, it's been closets. From the moment I found out my mind and body shut down. My huge house and my huge family got … Continue reading Damage unseen