The Depth of Betrayal

Betrayal runs deep, perhaps deeper than any other thing we will ever feel.  Because when someone you love betrays you, and really only people you love can betray you, that’s something that seeps into the very core of who you are as a person.  It’s the ultimate ego killer.  Somebody you love was willing to hurt you to make themselves feel better.  And that somebody … Continue reading The Depth of Betrayal

Children and affairs

I'm struggling with the anger. Some days I can ignore it, trudge on, make the incredible disgrace of it all disappear as if it never happened. And then there's days like yesterday. Days that bring you to your knees with the cold, harsh reality of what really happens to your child's mind when there's an affair. I wanted to believe that my youngest were spared … Continue reading Children and affairs

How are those sheets working out for you now?

I have a list of things I want to say to the OW, but probably won't. But, the title there above is a big one. Her smug and callous bragging that she screwed my husband on the sheets he bought her still makes my blood boil. But, at the same time I want to throw it back at her. After all, those sheets will never … Continue reading How are those sheets working out for you now?

Damage unseen

When dealing with affairs we typically see the emotional effects. All of the invisible pain that everybody in the family feels. But, as I'm sure we have all experienced, there is also damage to the physical aspects of your life. For us, it's been closets. From the moment I found out my mind and body shut down. My huge house and my huge family got … Continue reading Damage unseen

Anything But Mine

I know I haven't written in a very long time. It's much harder to contribute to this blog when things are going so well. Sometimes I feel like I'm living in an amazing dream. Last year at this time I was not in a good place. In an instant my life was changed. It was awful and terrible and the worst nightmare ever. I asked … Continue reading Anything But Mine

Healing or Bust

I am amazed every day how my life has changed in the last three years and in the last four months. Knowledge is power. But, I would by lying if I said everything was perfect. Well, everything is, except in my mind. And overcoming the mind is not easy by any means. My mind wants to continuously wander to how I could love him so … Continue reading Healing or Bust

No more white picket fences

No more “you're the only one”.   And that's what an affair does. It takes away the “only”. No longer are you the only one. You become one of the countless ones, just going through the motions, existing as best you can. My life is fine, things are good. I really have nothing to complain about at the moment. It's all good, with the exception … Continue reading No more white picket fences

Standing above the rubble

I am relatively certain that the piece of trash has read my other blog, regarding the other wife and me finding each other. I think this based on something she wrote in her blog. Something about nothing was going to take away her happiness. Yeah, whatever. I feel really worried for her new guy. I hope he is not in too deep. Things are going … Continue reading Standing above the rubble

The other woman is about to find out that we have found out everything

You know that meme going around that says there's no need for revenge to just wait and those that hurt you will eventually screw themselves and if you're lucky God will let you watch? Yeah, well, I have another blog that I share with my world. I have had it a long time, and I mostly post about family things, or situations, etc. That blog … Continue reading The other woman is about to find out that we have found out everything

I got to meet the other wife

I am lucky. I know that. Lucky that another wife found me through this blog. And lucky that we live in close enough proximity to each other that we were able to get together for a very long lunch. It is a great thing to not only talk to someone who has been through what you have been through, but to actually have been going … Continue reading I got to meet the other wife