Just venting

My life has been stressful lately.  Fortunately, the one part of my life that hasn’t been stressful is my marriage.  My dad has been in the hospital for nearly two months.  Aging parents and dealing with the mortality of your parents is something that is hard to deal with I’m finding.  While the health part is going well, the physical therapy part is rocky.  Being … Continue reading Just venting

Diamonds and Rhinestones

I lost the diamond out of my wedding ring.  It goes without saying that I’m fairly devastated about the whole thing.  First of all, it was not a cheap diamond.  It wasn’t insured.  But, it’s the sentimental value that is getting to me.  I’m fairly certain that it is somewhere in my house.  And while the diamond is big in comparison to other diamonds, in … Continue reading Diamonds and Rhinestones

A little of the past

Sometimes when you delve into the past, especially a past you could have done without,  and you relive parts of it, the parts that are still raw in your mind, you can start to be reasonable about that past.  You see it differently, from afar, without emotions to cloud your view.  It’s all clear.  And, unfortunately for me, seeing it clouded by emotions was far … Continue reading A little of the past

She’s no home wrecker!

Well, we took down the Christmas decorations and my daughter will be going back to school.  January is always a little bit of a downer.  But, we worked together to put all of the stuff away and took our daughter shopping tonight to get some things she needed, and we are looking forward to 2016.  We are thinking about getting some new furniture, so we … Continue reading She’s no home wrecker!

A whirlwind

It has truly been a whirlwind few weeks for us, as in completely crazy.  Of course, the month of November typically is crazy for everybody.  We have had basketball tryouts and two soccer tournaments and preparing a Thanksgiving dinner for 15, and sitting with someone while they passed, a viewing, a funeral, a birthday party, and a full-on trip to the grocery store.  And, of … Continue reading A whirlwind

Love doesn’t mean 100 percent

From last Friday to this coming Sunday, our lives have been a whirlwind of sports, some ending, others beginning.  Thankfully, they are only overlapping by a week.  We literally have been passing each other in the hallway and collapsing into bed at night.  Thankfully texting and phone calls fill the gaps.  As much as times like these might draw others apart, it brings us together. … Continue reading Love doesn’t mean 100 percent