What is wrong with me?

For some unknown reason, that maybe only the rest of you could possibly understand, I have found myself creeping on the OW's blog. She hasn't updated it in months, and I know this. So why do I keep looking? No idea. But, if you have the answer, please share. I keep asking myself why I even care. But, for some reason I do. We both … Continue reading What is wrong with me?

Except. For. This. One. Thing.

A friend broke down to me today. Her husband wasn't having an affair, but their relationship is toxic. They have four children and she feels trapped. When she told me he was mean to her, disrespectful, tries to make huge life decisions without her, I asked her why she stayed with him. I knew the answer of course. She has four children and she's a … Continue reading Except. For. This. One. Thing.

The Marketing genius

I have from the beginning believed that my Facebook posts were the catalyst to the whole affair. The other woman saw that our life was good. People had often told me that our children were so great because we were such a great example to them. We were the epitome of the perfect couple. I won't deny that the loss of that is very hard … Continue reading The Marketing genius

Damage unseen

When dealing with affairs we typically see the emotional effects. All of the invisible pain that everybody in the family feels. But, as I'm sure we have all experienced, there is also damage to the physical aspects of your life. For us, it's been closets. From the moment I found out my mind and body shut down. My huge house and my huge family got … Continue reading Damage unseen

What a difference a year makes

In a few months it will be a year since this blog completely changed my life….again. It seems a bit unreal that so much has happened in the last year and the last four years. In weeks it will the four-year anniversary of finding out the impossible had happened. To this day I look at my husband and think there's no way this man would … Continue reading What a difference a year makes