I heard myself say the words that all men are assholes

A few years ago I would have never generalized like that. But, a few years ago things were different. I find myself saying a lot of things that I would have never said before. I also find myself thinking things I never thought before. I remember hearing a comedian about ten years ago say during his act that all men cheat and proceeded in a … Continue reading I heard myself say the words that all men are assholes

He knew all along

It's only a matter of time before the other woman finds this blog. If you search her name it is the third hit. I also wonder everyday if another woman is going to come forward and tell me her husband was with her as well. People have affairs, no doubt. But, to be sleeping with three married men at once is beyond me. I look … Continue reading He knew all along

I get the joy of rediscovering you

I get to breathe you in all over again. I can feel those butterflies like I did twenty years ago when you touch my skin. I can see with new eyes and imagine with new thoughts. All of the familiar things are still there newly touched with a bit of glitter. My heart that only beat for you now beats a little faster, but also … Continue reading I get the joy of rediscovering you

When You Love Someone

I finally got to talk to my “counselor”, who is really a friend and a minister, with a bit of knowledge in counseling. She actually counseled us back in 2012. Although, we found out later that my husband continued to have the affair while we were doing this. Counseling can’t work if the parties being counseled aren’t truthful. Although, looking back, I find it odd … Continue reading When You Love Someone

How This Blog Changed My Life

I never imagined that healing for me, for us, would start so quickly after beginning this blog. I envisioned many blogs detailing more days of pain and sorrow. I envisioned any healing that would take place would be me, alone, working through the betrayal of someone I truly loved who continued to not act like himself by writing and writing and writing. I expected to … Continue reading How This Blog Changed My Life

Great things that bring back Bad memories

About a year ago my daughter was inducted into the National Honor Society. Today is the day she is doing the inducting for the Junior Class. On a day that I should have been not only proud, but happy, it was a struggle last year to even attend the event. And then, when we were walking in, my husband walked several steps ahead of me, … Continue reading Great things that bring back Bad memories