I didn’t think about the OW for over a week, maybe several, a new record for me.  Unfortunately it took the death of my dad to get there.  But, I forgot about her….completely.  Ironically, I would rather think of anything than losing my dad, thinking of her would be welcome right now.  Thinking about the affair would be preferable.  But, for some reason, even the … Continue reading Distraction

Just venting

My life has been stressful lately.  Fortunately, the one part of my life that hasn’t been stressful is my marriage.  My dad has been in the hospital for nearly two months.  Aging parents and dealing with the mortality of your parents is something that is hard to deal with I’m finding.  While the health part is going well, the physical therapy part is rocky.  Being … Continue reading Just venting


We just returned from a vacation in the mountains.  I highly recommend a mountain trip to truly do some soul searching and find yourself and each other again.  We went to one of our favorite places.  The odd thing is, this place is also where it began for them on an overnight business trip.  But, it was our place first and the thought of that … Continue reading Mountains

The other woman is about to find out that we have found out everything

You know that meme going around that says there's no need for revenge to just wait and those that hurt you will eventually screw themselves and if you're lucky God will let you watch? Yeah, well, I have another blog that I share with my world. I have had it a long time, and I mostly post about family things, or situations, etc. That blog … Continue reading The other woman is about to find out that we have found out everything

When You Love Someone

I finally got to talk to my “counselor”, who is really a friend and a minister, with a bit of knowledge in counseling. She actually counseled us back in 2012. Although, we found out later that my husband continued to have the affair while we were doing this. Counseling can’t work if the parties being counseled aren’t truthful. Although, looking back, I find it odd … Continue reading When You Love Someone

How This Blog Changed My Life

I never imagined that healing for me, for us, would start so quickly after beginning this blog. I envisioned many blogs detailing more days of pain and sorrow. I envisioned any healing that would take place would be me, alone, working through the betrayal of someone I truly loved who continued to not act like himself by writing and writing and writing. I expected to … Continue reading How This Blog Changed My Life