Learning to Walk

I feel like for the past few years my husband and I have been running.  We are running a bunch of kids, running work, running the house, running our families, and both running away from each other and then back to each other.  We probably have run the equivalent of several marathons.  Maybe I should have prefaced this paragraph with I hate running. One thing … Continue reading Learning to Walk

Fiction is probably more believable

Truth is stranger than fiction.  I’ve always said that, most especially through this whole experience of an extramarital affair.  Bobbie and I joked once that we were going to write a book once about this crazy, mixed up affair.  Both of us would give our account of what transpired from beginning to end.  At this point everybody knew everything and we were (supposedly) working it … Continue reading Fiction is probably more believable

The Depth of Betrayal

Betrayal runs deep, perhaps deeper than any other thing we will ever feel.  Because when someone you love betrays you, and really only people you love can betray you, that’s something that seeps into the very core of who you are as a person.  It’s the ultimate ego killer.  Somebody you love was willing to hurt you to make themselves feel better.  And that somebody … Continue reading The Depth of Betrayal

The Banyan

A friend of mine posted a picture today from their vacation of a tree with aerial roots that drop down and then replant themselves.  Eventually those roots become additional trunks for the tree, and with age those roots become indistinguishable from the main trunk.  Those additional trunks add strength to the tree.  And the more roots and the more expansion the greater the tree becomes, … Continue reading The Banyan