Getting Past what I Can’t Get Over

I have told my husband and myself that I have forgiven him and that I'm ready to move on. Actually, I've been saying that I just want to move on for several years. And, every time it seemed like we might be moving on, something would happen to set us back. But, now something has happened to move us forward. Although, I'm sure for him … Continue reading Getting Past what I Can’t Get Over

Things That Exhaust Me

1. Always wondering if they have any contact-I am tired of checking out his location and wondering if he's talking to her on the phone or texting her. I never wondered where he was before this, and I never would have cared who he talked to or texted, male or female. 2. Resisting the urge to look at his phone – I really hate this … Continue reading Things That Exhaust Me

It’s Settling In

The sky was definitely bluer this past week for me. And the grass was green again. But, it's all settling in now, the whole horrid story of betrayal and lies and deceit. I'm starting to feel numb again. Perhaps knowing that everything I thought to be true really was true is a little overwhelming for me now that it has had a chance to seep … Continue reading It’s Settling In

The Robbed Who Smiles Steals Something From the Thief

I have certainly been neglecting my other blog, the one I share with my world, for this one lately. It’s very hard to write about other things when this is what is on my mind. I feel like I’m in mind overload with so much to take in over just a few days. The other woman posted a new blog today with her childish references … Continue reading The Robbed Who Smiles Steals Something From the Thief

How many more are there?

Here I sit, days after finding out that there was at least one more family this woman destroyed, to wondering how many more there were. Knowing what I previously knew about this person, coupled with this new knowledge, leads me to believe there were probably many more. Many more married men that she preyed upon. I had said before that my husband was the last … Continue reading How many more are there?

The Story Keeps Getting More Unbelievable

My intended post today was going to be the letter this woman wrote to my husband. It was handwritten because I had already hacked into every single other electronic way that they could talk to each other. He had left his truck parked in a lot while he rode with one of his partners to a job site. I decided to record him that day … Continue reading The Story Keeps Getting More Unbelievable

It was my fault because I spied on him

Of all of the ironic ironies, it was the fact that he would get mad at ME when he got caught. A few months ago I caught him texting her. I watched him delete the text and hand me his phone……he denied that he deleted it even though I saw him do it!!! But, this was all my fault. I was the one setting us … Continue reading It was my fault because I spied on him

Just like the others

It would be an understatement to say that I loved my husband wtih a deep passion. I still got excited to see him when it was time for him to come home from work. He held my hand in the car and wherever we went. We had sex every night. We were happy with our large family and it showed to everyone around us. We … Continue reading Just like the others