Her Strategy was Suicide (literally)

Last January, as I was happily in a conversation with my sister, and blindly thinking that all was well in my life…the unthinkable happened. First let me state that for the previous few months, although there were some ups and downs, things were going well. I was relatively certain that the affair was over and that we were good. The holidays went smoothly and we … Continue reading Her Strategy was Suicide (literally)

He Sent Both of Us Flowers on the Same Day

It’s funny how Karma works, isn’t it? I can’t tell you the number of times that I got lucky (or maybe unlucky) in catching him. I was on again off again reading his email. I mean, it depended on my mood and whether or not I even cared. But, one day I did have it. And it was a day I had the volume up … Continue reading He Sent Both of Us Flowers on the Same Day

Bizarro World

You’re probably thinking, well, I caught him, it’s over, kick him out, leave, whatever, file for divorce. That’s not what happened. It’s a little more complicated than that. Although, I should mention that I recorded him so many times that I can’t believe he wasn’t more careful. It made me wonder if he didn’t want to be caught. And, like I said, this was not … Continue reading Bizarro World

How I Caught Him-Part 2

The day I found out initially was days before our wedding anniversary, which also happens to be today. When I count how many events have been ruined by this one event it literally numbs me. But, that’s a blog for another day. After the intial email, and his assurances, which I believed briefly, I began to feel, well, I began to feel like something wasn’t … Continue reading How I Caught Him-Part 2