He Sent Both of Us Flowers on the Same Day

It’s funny how Karma works, isn’t it? I can’t tell you the number of times that I got lucky (or maybe unlucky) in catching him. I was on again off again reading his email. I mean, it depended on my mood and whether or not I even cared. But, one day I did have it. And it was a day I had the volume up on my phone and was alerted to an email, whether it be his or mine. And since he was on to me about this, he would quickly delete any emails he thought might be incriminating. Whether or not I was reading his email did not alert me to this fact. The fact is, whether I was looking or not he was deleting. But, anyway, there in his inbox was an email from 1-800-Flowers. Hmmmm,, interesting. I waited a day. No flowers for me. So, I questioned him. Something got screwed up on their end, they were coming tomorrow. They were for me. He kind of wept while he told me that I ruined the surprise and that he loved me.

Ahem…well, the flowers did arrive the next day. And, as I found out later, arrived for her as well. I would ask who in their right mind sends flowers to their wife and their girlfriend on the same day, but I will digress. Obviously somebody who is not in their right mind does something like this. Did I mention that he wept?

About a day after I received my flowers she made her Facebook Status :The smell of fresh flowers in my house is intoxicating. I surmised two things, since at this moment it never even occurred to me that anyone in their right mind would send flowers to two different people on the exact same day, that he used his company credit card to order them, and there was talk at work and she wanted them to think he sent them to her. Or it was just a random status that had absolutely nothing to do with anything.

I wish I would learn to trust my gut instincts. But, when you love someone you want to believe the lies. You do. And I wanted to believe his lies. I’m assuming that she also wanted to believe his lies.



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