Random Thoughts

So, today while shopping out-of-town I received a message from a friend of the OW.  Apparently the OW and her new husband are already having problems.  Poetic justice?  I think so.  A surprise?  Nope.  Makes me happy?  Not really. Meanwhile on the home front, things are going pretty well.  But, let me tell you, spring is crazy around here.  But, I suppose it is good … Continue reading Random Thoughts

A little of the past

Sometimes when you delve into the past, especially a past you could have done without,  and you relive parts of it, the parts that are still raw in your mind, you can start to be reasonable about that past.  You see it differently, from afar, without emotions to cloud your view.  It’s all clear.  And, unfortunately for me, seeing it clouded by emotions was far … Continue reading A little of the past

I had a bad day

My husband and I had an unscheduled talk last night.  Truthfully, we haven’t had a scheduled talk in a while.  It was me who instigated this discussion. I needed to talk about things, the affair, his lack of discussion about the affair, the usual.  He was receptive and understanding.  And that drives me crazy.  You’re probably wondering why this drives me crazy.  You see, this … Continue reading I had a bad day

Brave, strong, and broken

My title is probably self-explanatory to most of us.  This is how we all feel on any given day, either singly, or all at once.  Typically, I feel this combination every single day.  It’s an upgrade from the days of just plain old broken when every breath I took in felt incomplete and heavy.  And it’s an upgrade from the days of rubber legs and … Continue reading Brave, strong, and broken