Spying to the Nth degree

Because of my failure to maintain my sense of self-control longer than two days, I needed another way to keep tabs on him.  Even though, eventually, despite the fact he knew I had his email, he would fail in that area over and over again.  I’m convinced he wanted me to catch him, even if it was subconsciously.  Nobody leaves that many windows open and … Continue reading Spying to the Nth degree

A look back at the days after she called

As promised, I’m going to delve back into the past, both for me and for you.  These will likely be not in chronological order, but rather as I remember them.  Today when I was cleaning out my nightstand drawer I found a memory or two. I’ve already given you an in-depth account of the day Bobbie called to say that she was still sleeping with … Continue reading A look back at the days after she called

I wish I could have seen

One good thing that I can tell you is that as the days, months, and years pass the fuzzier details that were once crystal clear in your mind about the affair fade.  They fade and they blur.  Maybe it’s all part of the mind’s defense mechanism of protecting us from harm.  Some things I remember better than others, but all of it is hazy. One … Continue reading I wish I could have seen

I am writing these for you

My husband took off work on Monday and we spent the day together.  We had planned this and it was something that I was looking forward to doing.  But, as long car rides often do, my mind wanders, especially when certain songs come on the radio.  I’ve asked him before if the same thing happens to him, if he ever found  himself thinking about her. … Continue reading I am writing these for you