The Banyan

A friend of mine posted a picture today from their vacation of a tree with aerial roots that drop down and then replant themselves.  Eventually those roots become additional trunks for the tree, and with age those roots become indistinguishable from the main trunk.  Those additional trunks add strength to the tree.  And the more roots and the more expansion the greater the tree becomes, … Continue reading The Banyan

The story of the other woman and me

My story of the OW and me is odd and really bizarre.  But, here’s what happened to the best of my memory.  A lot of it is fuzzy these days.  If it makes you feel any better,  a lot of the things you think you will never forget you do. I found out days before my 18th wedding anniversary in February of 2011 that my … Continue reading The story of the other woman and me

A whirlwind

It has truly been a whirlwind few weeks for us, as in completely crazy.  Of course, the month of November typically is crazy for everybody.  We have had basketball tryouts and two soccer tournaments and preparing a Thanksgiving dinner for 15, and sitting with someone while they passed, a viewing, a funeral, a birthday party, and a full-on trip to the grocery store.  And, of … Continue reading A whirlwind

A New Chapter

Have I mentioned my life is crazy?  Because it is.  There is so much going on that we aren’t sure we are coming or going.  But I feel great, we feel great.  We have crossed that invisible line in the sand that we all know is there, the one that makes us feel insecure and unsure about everything.  Somehow we have beat the odds.  And … Continue reading A New Chapter

Days like today

I don’t know why, but I’m tired.  Just tired of the whole thing, the whole process.  I’m worn down today.  I know that I am not worn down for good, or for even longer than today.  Today, I’m exhausted.  I don’t have a reason to feel this way, I suppose.  It’s just one of my down days.  And these days creep up on me, surprising … Continue reading Days like today

Steve, the turtle, returns to my bizarro world

See this turtle: This turtle showed up at my house today.  My friend was picking me up and she almost ran over him.  We picked him up and moved him to the grass.  Four hours later when we returned back to my house the turtle had crawled back onto the driveway.  We almost ran over him again.  No big deal, right?  Wrong.  This is a … Continue reading Steve, the turtle, returns to my bizarro world

A photo, some happiness, some healing, and a list

In a strange twist of events my husband’s picture is likely to show up on HER news feed this week.  Today I posted a photo of my husband on my Facebook page.  And a few hours later his business parter shared the photo on his page….and he’s friends with the OW.  So, after her picture popped up on my page, now his picture will likely … Continue reading A photo, some happiness, some healing, and a list

Cereal at midnight

I just had cereal.  I know, it’s really not anything very remarkable.  But it is.  For the longest time, if I had a craving for cereal at midnight I could not indulge.  Why, you ask?  Because he would believe that I was spying on him, looking at his phone, etc.  When I could have cereal again at midnight I knew that she was gone.  The … Continue reading Cereal at midnight