I find Father’s Day difficult

My husband and I have a few more children than the typical family has.  And my husband has always been a great father.  He always went above and beyond during my pregnancies, most of which were very difficult in the beginning, as i suffered with severe morning sickness the first three months every time but one.  He took care of everything, any younger children, the … Continue reading I find Father’s Day difficult

Overcoming the demons of an affair

My husband and I had a fight yesterday.  Typically we avoid disagreements at all costs since the affair because things tend to escalate quickly and off-topic.  However, this time we stayed on topic.  I would say that’s a step forward that the affair wasn’t brought up in anger between us.  I guess I should really say “brought up by me”.  I’m trying to overcome my … Continue reading Overcoming the demons of an affair

Something I Missed

Way back in January of 2013 (geez, has it been that long) after her surprise phone call to tell me she was still screwing my husband he came home.  And sometime after he got here she texted me because she wanted the three of us to meet.  She obviously was very confident that when face-to-face with both of us he would pick her.  But, within … Continue reading Something I Missed

If a liar tells you he loves you, is he lying?

I struggle with this everyday.  The exhorborant lies that he told while he was having the affair were borderline professional.  And this is one area where she and me are in the same boat, with the same holes drilled in the bottom.  He lied and lied well to both of us.  The funny thing was, we exchanged screenshots of texts with each other where he … Continue reading If a liar tells you he loves you, is he lying?