Drumroll please………..she is getting married

I enjoy a good laugh as much as the next gal, truly I do. But, the laughter that followed the news that the OW is getting married…….I really don’t have words for this one. I guess that’s why I laughed. If this marriage really happens it will be her third. I have no idea about the man. I feel bad for this man. That’s all … Continue reading Drumroll please………..she is getting married

Children and affairs

I'm struggling with the anger. Some days I can ignore it, trudge on, make the incredible disgrace of it all disappear as if it never happened. And then there's days like yesterday. Days that bring you to your knees with the cold, harsh reality of what really happens to your child's mind when there's an affair. I wanted to believe that my youngest were spared … Continue reading Children and affairs

How are those sheets working out for you now?

I have a list of things I want to say to the OW, but probably won't. But, the title there above is a big one. Her smug and callous bragging that she screwed my husband on the sheets he bought her still makes my blood boil. But, at the same time I want to throw it back at her. After all, those sheets will never … Continue reading How are those sheets working out for you now?


Today is my anniversary. To all of you reading this, you know all of the emotions and expectations and joy and sadness that anniversaries can bring. After an affair your senses are in overdrive. You, without thinking, expect more, the over-the-top, as if some fabulous anniversary of surprises and romance can wipe away the pain of betrayal. We know that it won't, but we want … Continue reading Anniversary