A whirlwind

It has truly been a whirlwind few weeks for us, as in completely crazy.  Of course, the month of November typically is crazy for everybody.  We have had basketball tryouts and two soccer tournaments and preparing a Thanksgiving dinner for 15, and sitting with someone while they passed, a viewing, a funeral, a birthday party, and a full-on trip to the grocery store.  And, of course, somewhere in there amidst all of that her “friend” decided to Facebook me the video of her wedding and a link to her wedding pics.  But, you all would be proud of me.  I started watching the video, but stopped about a quarter of the way through.  I sat there and thought, why am I watching this?  And I also thought to myself, why doesn’t the friend just dump her.  I never said anything to her, of course.  But, seriously, why keep pretending to be a friend when you’re not.  But, it’s the story of the OW’s life.  But, it was definitely not something I wanted to mentally deal with in the middle of all of the rest of that.  I guess I’m thankful that it happened before all the rest of it did instead of during.

But, things are great with us.  And, then there was the moment this week when we were laying in bed, exhausted beyond belief and he told me he loved me and added a “very much” at the end.  Another breakthrough in our lives.  It was always like that before and I wondered if it would ever come back around.  But, it did.  She wasn’t able to destroy the core of him.

The holidays coming around always tend to bring up those memories though.  I remember him telling me how much pressure she was putting on him to leave us.  What kind of person wants a man to leave his children on the holidays?  I think it was just another nail in her coffin though.  It was one of the things that he realized was completely wrong about her and that he could never participate in.  I honestly believe that it was her who screwed herself.  I basically just sat back and let karma do the work for me with her.  Everything has come back on her, and my luck has been incredible in it all falling into place.

As we find ourselves out shopping more over the holidays the chances of running into her increase.  I still find myself wondering what would happen, with all three of us.  I dreamed not too long ago that I came face-to-face with her.  It’s probably because it’s something I become hyper-aware of this time of year.  I more wonder what would happen if she and I ran into each other.  I have no doubt she would cower.  She could not handle running into me.  But, I’m ready regardless.

My goal for this holiday season is to make the whirlwind about everything, but her.









4 thoughts on “A whirlwind

  1. I can tell you what kind of woman wants a husband to leave his children during the holidays. The same kind of woman who punishes the man when he makes the choice to go see his children, and then warns him he had better never choose them over her again. Now….who is the bigger trash pile….the woman who makes the demand or the man who allows it?

    1. I have come to the conclusion that some people are just incapable of being good people. They are too selfish and their own wants and needs always take precedent to everything and everyone. I’m not sure they can even be helped.

      1. I’m not sure they can, either. Loser himself once said, “I’m the most selfish human being on the planet. It’s always been all about me. It’s still all about me. It will always be all about me.” What a great epitaph that would be for his gravestone.

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