Interpret this photo and tell me what you think it means

My husband and I have given our interpretations of this photo.  If you have the time, I would like you to interpret it and tell me what you think it means.  And then I will share what my husband and I thought it meant in the comments later.



8 thoughts on “Interpret this photo and tell me what you think it means

  1. I was amazed to find that nobody has commented here under this interesting picture.

    I would definitely like to share my interpretation of this picture as under:

    I view both the female and male are married to each other. In a marriage there are moments of joy and trials. Every time the husband and the wife have to work together. If the husband in the picture turn to his bondage and un-clamp himself and rescue his drowning wife then both can have fun time together again. Both of them can help themselves first by removing their own bondage of EGO, SELFISHNESS & SELF-CENTEREDNESS, ARROGANCE etc. If they are not removing those bondage first then they can’t rescue each other and they will both come to an end soon.

    Thanks for posting… Would like to know what you think…

  2. With the archetypal depictions of each gender I first thought it might be commentating on gender dynamics; but then we see her holding the key to his salvation and him losing grips on her, which is much more suggestive of a relationship. She has her own problems (most likely depression) that cause her to sink, and she has the power to help him from his bind (most likely an addiction), and his bind prevents him from being able to commit to her enough for her to pass on the figurative key needed for his release—love, perhaps.

  3. Both of them have what the other needs to be free (him saving her from the weight around her ankle and eventual drowning, and her having the key to free him from his shackle) – and it seems as if they are just out of fingertips reach to be able to save one another.

    But it isn’t stopping them from continuing to try. Just push a little bit more, reach a little further, try a little harder ….

  4. You could interpret it as her having the means to free him, but letting go and choosing to drown, when he could save her if she just set him free.

    But that probably says more about me, than the picture…

  5. My husband and I had two different interpretations. I’ll give you his first.
    My husband says: He is chained to something, but it’s not her, nor is it something created by her.
    She is being dragged down by something (the ball and chain), but it’s not him, not was it created by him.
    He is reaching to save her, but it is obvious that he is too short, he will never reach her and she is destined to sink deeper.
    Primarily he thinks the things that are tormenting them them appear to be placed there by outside forces, not placed there by them.

    I say: He is chained to the tree and he’s stretching as far as he can to save her, because he really does want to save her. I think the tree represents his pride and his ego, and that’s what is holding him back, so he can’t break from the tree. He is chained to his ego and pride.
    She is drowning. She holds the key to safety if she would just hand the key to him, but she is afraid to give it to him because she doesn’t trust him to not just free himself and let her drown. And she would rather drown than trust him.

  6. She could save them both if she’d just hand him the key, but she doesn’t trust him to use the key to open his lock and then dive in to save her as well. Better to control her own destiny (death) than to place her life in his hands.

  7. I say they are co-dependent on each other. She is sinking and only he can save her , he is trying with all his might to save her but he can’t quite get there, SHE is holding him back, she has the key to release him and let him be all he can be for her but she doesn’t know how to give him that key, she is holding back for all sorts of reasons.

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