What the heck does that mean?

It’s 5am and I was just awoken by a dream about the OW.  She was having a party and I went (no idea why).  When I got there I parked my car under a tree at her apartment.  It was weird because one of the things I remember is having my purse with me, a leather, hand-stitched Bed-Stu bag that I absolutely love and have had for at least two years.  I even remember exactly where that bag is the entire dream.  At first I kept it on me.  There were several of us there, but the OW was not there yet.  I walked around carrying my bag on my shoulder and drinking a drink.  I casually mingled with the others.

Eventually she came home (from work maybe) and went straight into her room.  I also remember weird details about her place, eclectic, dark, plants, vintage furniture.  One of the pieces was out in the hallway on the way to the door to her apartment, a long sort-of couch with plants on either side.  Anyway, I went into her room very uneasy about being there uninvited.  As soon as she saw me she asked me what I was doing there.  (Oh, I also remember letting myself in her apartment, like I had a key).  Before I could even answer what I was doing there she became very angry.  She was seriously angry.  She didn’t want me there.  And I quickly  stated that I would go.  But, by now there were many people there that we both knew (for some odd reason my son’s girlfriend who knows nothing about the OW), so she asked me to wait a while and make something up.  I must have put my bag down, because I went to look for it and my phone.  I brought the bag and hung it on a hook and put my phone in my pocket.

At this time, a dog that looked a lot like my son’s dog appears in the dream, laying on the OW’s bed.  My son’s dog, a white beagle, lays on her back with her feet up in the air, and I remember looking at my son’s girlfriend and noting that the dog slept a lot like their dog.  And then I wondered what she would do when I left and if she would be okay.  In the dream I did not think it was odd that his girlfriend was there, but obviously it’s really odd.

By now I pretended to get my fake phone call about why I had to leave and was ready to head to my car, but my bag wasn’t hanging where I left it, as if it had been moved and I had to look for it to actually leave.  I didn’t tell the OW goodbye and I didn’t tell my son’s girlfriend goodbye.  I simply left, walking past the couch in the hallway and out some glass doors to my car………which didn’t start.  Of course I panic, because I can’t tell my husband I’m at the OW’s apartment.  And just as I start to panic I wake up.

Here’s what stood out:

  1. I thought she wanted me there, but clearly did not, as she was visibly shaken and angry.  This differs from every other dream I’ve had about her.  Usually we end up talking.
  2. Very odd about my bag, I remember it in all aspects of the dream.  I am carrying the bag right now, but it’s not new and it hasn’t been on my mind.
  3. The OW wasn’t really “in” the dream that much, other than the angry encounter, even when I left I didn’t tell her goodbye, although I do recall seeing her there at the party, but she never left her bedroom.
  4. Seeing my son’s girlfriend and a dog that looked like their dog.  Those two do not fit into this equation at all.  If I had seen my husband I would have understood.
  5. The dream itself, it was disturbing, her being angry was disturbing for me.  Plus, I remembered all of it……which is why I’m up at 5am writing this.  But, I knew if I went back to sleep I would forget half of it.

So, what does this dream mean?  And why would I dream it now?  And why did it startle me awake?



2 thoughts on “What the heck does that mean?

  1. I think the trauma of cheating by your husband and a friend has still not been completely dealt with by you. Her manipulation when she “attempted” suicide, your husband’s Limerence, your “friendship” gave you possible ptsd. People don’t get over betrayal. You put it away but it is part of your memories and occasionally they surface. I think you will always have some pain from this but eventually you will not deal with it as much. You aren’t blogging as often so you are moving on.
    I hope you are not looking at her social media. It was just a dream, nothing more.

    1. I like to think it has been dealt with by me. At five in the morning the dream seemed more like “something” instead of the nothing that it is. I can explain some of the dream now that I’m awake and alert. My check engine light came on in my two year-old car and I’ve been pretty pissed about that, so I think that’s where the car not starting came from. I think my bag was in the dream so much because I’m at my lake house for the month and I usually leave my bag in my car in my garage, but here I have to always remember to take it out, so I’ve been always aware of it. And I think my son’s dog was in there because they were were wanting to adopt this other dog that was very similar to the one they have, but they didn’t get to because someone else adopted it. The girl fostering the dog actually works with Bobbie, although, Bobbie doesn’t know that we are friends. But, I probably brought that connection out in my dream.

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