We are in our happy place finally!  No stress!  No where to be!  Just together.

I’ve been thinking about this trip and what I want to accomplish.  Last year I had a list of things that I needed to work on.  This year……it’s all been accomplished.  This year we can just be together.  This year all of our time and energy can be spent in happiness and sharing with our children.

Tonight he and I slipped out to a trip to town to the grocery store and stopped by a local ice cream shop.  Town was crowded with visitors and the streets were lined with cars and the sidewalks with people.  He looked and me and asked me how I felt.  I told him I felt perfect.  And I told him this is the kind of life I wanted us to lead.  He laughed and said he knew.  We sat there on that bench eating our ice cream and watching people go by and the universe fell into line.

Once an affair ends, even the day of, the first thing you do is start searching for closure.  But, closure is aloof and it doesn’t want you to find it so quickly.  Closure insists on fighting and clawing and fighting some more.  But, it does come.

And let me tell you, it’s worth the wait.





3 thoughts on “Finally

  1. In lack of more eloquent words, your approach in this journey has been (still is) inspiring and I love reading your posts. I am happy that the work and paitence payed out in the end, since its not a given in this life, because of its unexpected twists and turns and because of the actions or lack of actions of the people involved. And of course it is especially not a given when it in this kind of healing require that both do the work necessary. So it is great to have followed at least the later part of your journey and to see how you both have found the closure you have worked for. Hopefully this years holiday will be a great one for you all❤️

    1. Thank you so much! You never know when you’re going through anything if you’re having the right approach, but I know now that I did. It wasn’t conventional, but it was what we needed as a couple. It’s how we found our healing and forgiveness, forgiveness of each other and forgiveness for her. I had hoped to accomplish some more regarding Bobbie, but it’s fine. I’ve accepted everything, including her.

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