Just venting

My life has been stressful lately.  Fortunately, the one part of my life that hasn’t been stressful is my marriage.  My dad has been in the hospital for nearly two months.  Aging parents and dealing with the mortality of your parents is something that is hard to deal with I’m finding.  While the health part is going well, the physical therapy part is rocky.  Being in a hospital bed for this long is hard to come back from.  Questions about what is going to happen next are weighing on all of our minds.  As if this part isn’t stressful enough, the hospital is across the road from the OW’s office.  I try very hard to avoid lunch time and quitting time and plan my arrivals and departures accordingly.  One positive is my car has been in the shop and I’ve been driving our Corvette, which she would never be looking to see me in.  It is nerve-racking, nonetheless.

In the next month I will have two graduations and three big tournaments to attend.  Plus moving my daughter out of her apartment at school.  Thankfully, none interfere with each other, which would be a lot more stressful, but it’s still stressful, not to mention busy.

I also have two kids who will be moving out on their own, all in the month of May as well.

Now, add to all of that the fact that I’ve been going through menopause since last March.  At first it was easy enough to deal with, but lately it’s gotten a whole lot harder with unpredictable bleeding.  I would be mostly fine with this in my typical role as stay-at-home mom, but unfortunately, with my dad sick, I’m forced to leave the house every single day.  It’s also very draining on my body.

But, despite all of that, I’m actually very happy.  My husband has been super supportive and helpful during all of this.  He’s had to prepare a lot of meals for the family when I’ve had to take the evening shift at the hospital.  He’s went in my place to the hospital and shuffled kids to where they need to be.  And he talks me off the ledge when I need that.  I am not an “emotional” person, but I’ve confided in him that I feel pretty emotional right now.  I honestly don’t know what I would do without him at this point.

I’m not going to complain about this life.  It’s still miraculous, despite the stress.  I’m going to embrace it wholly.  Like Cheryl Strayed said in the book, Wild; when the path reveals itself, follow it.



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