The Weekend

My husband and I had a quick get-away this weekend in the mountains.  We have been looking for the past few months for a vacation home, and since we had an early morning appointment with a realtor we just decided to make it an overnight stay.  We don’t often get away from the kids and just have time to ourselves.  Between the views, the seclusion, and the hot tub we had a very romantic and passionate weekend.

My husband and I have excellent communication, which is something that was important toward our healing.  If you asked me if my husband was the romantic type, I would say that  he definitely has his moments, but that we aren’t living this “fairy tale” type of romance.  Our romantic moments are the everyday moments infused with random romantic words or acts.  My husband will just touch my shoulder as he walks by, or give me a certain look.  But, as we were drifting off to sleep this weekend, his hand searched for mine and he whispered “I’m happy to be here with you”.  I admit this caught me off guard.  I’m not sure why it caught me off guard, because I imagine he’s said things like this before over the years.  But, I felt like this time it was different.  It was meant in a different way.  I translated those seven words into “I’m so glad I made the right decision.”

I think sometimes both of us are still kind of shocked that all of this happened to us.  I know he’s even more surprised than I am.  I suppose it’s a lesson in how easily letting down your guard can allow intruders in.  And once they’re in, they take over.  I think what disturbs both of us the most is how easily we both were manipulated by her.

This weekend the affair and Bobbie have never seemed so far away.  Somewhere back in the far recesses of my mind I suppose it did, but I never gave it or her a second thought.  And that felt great!




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