We were away the last three days and I’m exhausted, but I wanted to come here and tell you something that happened that was remarkable.

We were listening to the radio and Taylor Swift came on.  I can’t remember which one right at the moment, but my husband asked me if I had Taylor Swift on my phone, which I did.  I had all of her albums on my phone.  Now, this, in and of itself, is a bizarre question coming from my mostly rock music husband.  Him, Taylor Swift, yeah…no.  Anyway, I plugged my phone in and asked what he wanted to hear.  He said that he couldn’t remember the name of the song.  So, I shuffled all 89 songs.  I let him do the skipping, which, I knew a lot would get skipped.  I mean, it’s Taylor Swift.

(As a side note here, Bobbie and I both had some links to Taylor Swift at one time, so I have often avoided Taylor as an artist because of that.)

Anyway, the song he wanted to hear was “Out of the Woods”.  I had heard the song before, as he had, in the car a few times.  But, it was his way of conveying something he wanted to know the answer to without asking me the question.  We listened to the song, but two of our kids were in the car, so I didn’t even act like I was paying that much attention.  But, I’m curious to see if he brings it up later.  But, it was definitely a not-so-subtle sign from him that he does feel like we are out of the woods.  Usually my husband is very subtle, but this time he was careful to not be too subtle.

Like I said, exhausted, and happy to be home from a long soccer weekend.



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