The Flu Sucks

I typically never write during the day, even though it’s the only time I’m ever alone.  I usually write late at night when everyone is home, but sleeping soundly.  It’s my favorite time of the day.  Writing usually comes easy at the end of the day too.  I’ve pondered it all in the daylight hours while doing laundry and planning meals and otherwise being June Cleaver.  But, the last few days I’ve been down with the flu.  The aching over every inch of my body has been excruciating, leaving me exhausted, yet in too much pain to sleep.  And also too much pain to even write.  I slept most of the day yesterday and when I wasn’t sleeping I was laying in bed watching old episodes of the Twilight Zone on Netflix.  Last night I wandered downstairs to sleep on a couch.  I immediately went to my expensive almost new sectional, only to find that I couldn’t get comfortable in the least.  I tried different positions and different angles.  I tried the chaise and the corner.  I stood back up, pillows in hand and went to sleep on my also almost new Ikea couch.  Well, that is where I found comfort.  Imagine that!  Because it wasn’t too deep it cradles my body and gave my back a much needed rest.  And the firmness of the seat cushions were just what my body needed after basically laying down for hours and hours straight.  I finally fell asleep.  But, don’t be fooled, for deep couch sitting, the sectional is where it’s at!

Today, while the aching has eased up some, the chills have not.  I find myself burning up one minute and freezing the next.  I am currently under a thick blanket on the aforementioned sectional with the curtains drawn and anxiously looking forward to the fleeting moments when I don’t feel like I’m freezing and I don’t feel like I’m burning up either.  I know that within the next hour or so I will likely fall back asleep.  Your body always knows what to do during an illness and sleep is always on the list.  Although I’m not sure why these illnesses make you so tired but create circumstances that won’t even allow you to get that rest you need at times.  Last night when I was trying to get comfortable comes to mind.  The last thing I wanted to be doing was wandering around in the middle of the night trying to find a place to lay my weary head.

My husband has been taking stellar care of me.  He has always taken stellar care of me, even when he was having an affair with her.  Although I can remember wandering around the house in the middle of the night trying to find a place to lay my weary head.  I always chose in the end to lay my head next to his every single time.  And every single time he pulled me into his embrace.  It’s how we both knew that even though a virus had penetrated us we would eventually get better.

I have to lay down.  I hope that none of you get this flu!









4 thoughts on “The Flu Sucks

  1. get better soon!

    “It’s how we both knew that even though a virus had penetrated us we would eventually get better”, I love that statement!


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