What an overflowing trash can taught me

For the entire 13 years we have lived in our current house the garbage can in our master bath has been too small.  Every week it would overflow with my plastic water bottles and tissues, etc.  Sometimes I would bring up another plastic store bag and hang it on the doorknob to collect the excess, and sometimes even that would overflow.  There seemed to be trash piled on top and falling to the floor all the time.  And then recently, a few weeks ago, I realized I needed a larger can.  And since my master bath is divided into two rooms, I even bought two of these glorious 5 gallon cans.  13 years of a stressful bathroom wiped out with one trip to Walmart.

Our previous trash can was small, too small obviously.  It clearly was a problem.  We both knew it was a problem.  But, we lived with it.  The solution was easy once we addressed it, but we got so used to living with the way it was, I don’t think it ever dawned on either of us to make the change.  I don’t think either of us ever considered what the problem was or how to resolve the problem either.  We just lived with it the way that it was.  We were both annoyed and irritated by the problem.  It was an eyesore.  It made things harder than they had to be.  Such a small tweak resolved such a big problem.

The first day the new trash cans were in place my husband announced how he loved those garbage cans.

When we have a problem, it’s easy to just overlook it, look past whatever it is.  We often don’t even really consider what the problem is or even if there could be a solution.  We just  forge ahead and ignore the overflowing trash on the floor.  And eventually we become blind to the clutter.  We become annoyed and irritated.  But, we don’t do anything about it, we don’t say anything, we just keep going the way things are, eventually forgetting on the outside that it’s bothering us, while it eats at us inside silently under the surface.





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