It’s been several weeks since I’ve blogged.  Last we left off I was going out-of-town with my husband.  It was weird to be there with him at a work function exactly six years to the date, and likely hour, that he began his physical relationship with her.  As I was helping him set up I was thinking that she was doing this with him on this same night all those years ago.  I decided to make something good of it though.  When you know what your predecessor did you can outdo them.  Trust me, I outdid her later.

I never did mention to him that it was the same day.  I never let on that I was thinking about it in any way.  I didn’t see the point.  I did wonder if she remembered.  She is like me in that remembers things like that, but she also has selective memory and maybe pushed that memory out of her head once he was gone.  Or maybe she did remember.

I have been so out of it lately.  This whole election has me down.  I texted my friend, the other wife, and we were discussing how we both kind of feel the same way we did when we were cheated on and how ironic that another man is making us feel this way.  Not to mention the fact that so many blamed Hillary for her staying with her husband after his transgressions.  There were so many times I wanted to defend her publicly with my own experience.

I keep asking myself where I am in this whole thing.  Have I come far enough?  Am I content with my healing?  I suppose I have come to terms with most everything.  I even took a big step and changed my FB settings from friends-of-friends to just friends.  I had it as friends-of-friends for a very long time, even before the affair.  I had changed it to friends at one point, and then changed it back to friends of in case she ever decided to reach out.  I have concluded that isn’t going to happen.  I’ve accepted that.  And, as I’ve said before, I have been blocked for years.  So, I am set to just friends now.  I have no idea if she ever tried to look at my page.  Maybe she’s like me and wonders from time-to-time about me.  Maybe not.  But, I figured if she’s not reached out yet, she’s not going to ever.

The other thing that’s been going on is we have been doing some redecorating.  Yikes, but it is finally coming together!  And I’m happy with the way it looks.  I feel kind of like my ring….it’s all new for a new life!

Changes for the better!

It takes courage to let go of the familiar and embrace the new.  I encourage you all to embrace the new.




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