A very vivid dream

I rarely have dreams that I actually remember.  Usually just random things that most of us would dream.  Not last night.  I had such a realistic dream that I almost thought it was real.  And, the symbolism in it was incredible.

So, I am open for any and all of your possible interpretations!

I dreamed that my husband and I were living in the house I lived in growing up and my parents were living there as well, and all of our children.  My husband was due home from work and my mom was in the kitchen cooking dinner.  Only my oldest son was in the dream, but I knew the other kids were also there.  As I went to the door after I heard my husband’s car, I turned the knob and there was my husband and Bobbie was with him.  She and I looked at each other for a moment and then she hugged me for a lengthy amount of time.  My husband acted as if this was normal.  They walked in the door and she immediately began helping my mom with dinner.  But, at the same time I was thinking, what will my parents do and what will my oldest do when they see her.  But, nobody did anything.  She later walked over to me and asked me how I was and started talking to me, but I don’t know about what.  Eventually I woke up.

I told myself, do not forget this dream!

When I woke up I was unsure if it happened for real or not.  The dream was so realistic!  So, give me your best interpretations, because I can see there’s a lot there, but I can’t put it all together in an explanation to explain what it all means in the dream world.





3 thoughts on “A very vivid dream

  1. I don’t believe in interpreting dreams. I think it is like taking out the garbage. While sleeping your brain is scrolling through the trash and getting rid of it. You have been thinking about her recently so your brain had to get really busy to scrape it all up and dump it.
    If I were you I would redirect your thoughts every time she pops up. She is not worth another minute of your time. You do not need her clogging up your memory bank.

  2. It seems like maybe everyone around you has accepted the Bobbie situation and is moving forward while you maybe still haven’t resolved it and that’s why you’re the only one uncomfortable with her presence.

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