Let the music play

I’ve told you how the OW used music as part of her hunting of her prey.  The other wife that I met even found dropbox files with playlists of songs that Bobbie and her husband shared.  I checked my husband’s dropbox before I even asked him if she did the same with him.  There was nothing there, but there didn’t need to be.  I knew all of the songs that they shared, or that she projected onto him.  So, I thought I would share them with you.

  1. You gonna fly—Keith Urban.  Bobbie basically meant to say with this song that she was so freaking great that if my husband just left his wife and children and came to be with her that his life would change for the better and he could be just as fabulous as she is!
  2. Anything but mine—-Kenny Chesney.  This one was really for me, her message to me that my husband would never be anything but hers.  Sometimes you just have to laugh.
  3.  As She’s Walking Away—-Zac Brown Band.  This is a song that she projected onto my husband.  She wanted him to think of her when he heard it.  Narcissists frequently want to control all aspects of their prey.
  4.  The Edge of Glory—-Lady Gaga.  This one goes back to FB.  I had posted that even though I was a country girl I liked Lady Gaga.  And…..now she did too.  This was her song with him to say, hey, we are still young and can do this.  My husband doesn’t even like Lady Gaga.
  5. Someone You Never Knew—–Randy Travis.  Ah, this one is another one that she projected onto him.  She handed him the CD to listen to on his way home from work. The song is about a husband who doesn’t appreciate his wife, which is the lie she used to lure my husband and the other husband by trying to say her life was so miserable with her husband.  It wasn’t.
  6. I and Love and You—–The Avett Brothers.  Yeah, this one was her projected “getaway” song with my husband.  I guess she assumed she could play a little tune and that would convince a man to leave his wife and children for her.
  7. The Day I Died—–Five For Fighting.  This is a song she sent my husband after her fake suicide attempt.  She was trying to portray that him not leaving his wife and children was killing her.  You know, because an immoral man who would leave his wife and children would be so much better.  She apparently “died” the day he told her goodbye.  Again, you have to laugh at some of this.
  8. Back to me without you—-Band Perry.  Another one sent after the end.  And it’s self-explanatory.  I could have actually used the same song on myself.  Funny how that works.

This is just a sampling of songs right off the top of my head without putting any thought into it.  There are so many more.  Now you know why I was having trouble with the music aspects.  But, it really is getting better.  Here I am writing about these songs.  Yay me!

I can honestly say that delving into the past in this blog has been a tremendous thing.  Making myself confront these ghosts head on is exactly what I needed.  My next entry will be about the things that Bobbie told my husband and the other husband to lure them in.  And how easy it really was for her and what my husband now thinks about these things.



One thought on “Let the music play

  1. It’s incredible how the OW used music as a connection, a lure. This was great…especially where you mention that blogging about these things helps you to face them. That’s what happens for me too – as I write through the issues that niggle in my brain – they have less and less hold. It is a good thing. So keep writing :)!! HUGS!

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