Welcome to my bizarro world

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So, for the last few weeks we have been in the process of moving everything out of our home office (huge task with two walls of bookcases) and moving my oldest son in, so that our middle kid can have his own room.  So, basically, all of the things that were once in the office are now strung all over my house and it is driving me crazy.  Yesterday, I was just wandering around thinking about what and where I am going to do with all of this stuff.  My son had stacked all of our family photo albums on top of my cedar chest.  And who isn’t tempted to pick up a photo album you haven’t looked at in a long time?  So, I picked up one and was oohing and ahing over the sweet baby pics of my kids.  And I just kept picking up albums and browsing through them.  Then I came across this.

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There she was in my family photo albums.   There in the midst of grandmas and babies and good times, there she was.   I apparently had taken photos at past company picnics.  Here I am trying to avoid her and she just keeps showing up.  I proceeded to text my husband.


I mean, really, who could not laugh?  I’m glad we decided to laugh about the whole thing.  Maybe it’s even a great sign that he didn’t even recognize her.  Maybe it’s a bad sign that I did immediately, lol.  I found several other photos of her in those albums from past picnics.  It’s funny how before they were just random photos.  She meant nothing to us back then.

I feel like the universe is telling me something by the mere fact she just keeps showing up randomly.  I feel like I’m being poked by her constantly.

It took a while, but my husband and I can now truly laugh at something like her photo in our albums.  I didn’t even remove it from the slot.  My sister told me to burn it.  I’m sure most people would have ripped it out and tore it up.  He didn’t even ask me what I did with the pictures.  I guess a picture doesn’t always speak a thousand words.




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