Random Thoughts

So, today while shopping out-of-town I received a message from a friend of the OW.  Apparently the OW and her new husband are already having problems.  Poetic justice?  I think so.  A surprise?  Nope.  Makes me happy?  Not really.

Meanwhile on the home front, things are going pretty well.  But, let me tell you, spring is crazy around here.  But, I suppose it is good crazy.  I am honestly hoping for rain tomorrow to get some things canceled.  Is that bad?  I just want a teensy little break.  Oh, and a nap…that would be good too.

I”m taking a little break from my past in this blog, we will call it a mental health break.  Wow, bringing up some of that past stuff is a bit exhausting.  I forgot how exhausting the thick of an affair can be.  You think that you will always remember, but you don’t.  It’s like giving birth, the pain is so horrible, but you do forget.  If I had not written some things down I would not have remembered them.  And believe me, some of that I never dreamed I would ever forget.  Now, if I could just forget the whole picture.

We are looking forward to some time alone together coming up here soon.  We rarely go anywhere without our children, but this time we are going to do just that.  My husband and I are not what you would call the romantic type, but we do enjoy time alone.

The OW has all but stopped reading my public blog.  That makes me happy.  Days without her go so much better for me.  It seems like when she’s on my mind I’m so out-of-sorts.  I cherish the break!

So, if all goes well, it will rain tomorrow, I will take a nap, and the OW will leave me alone.  So send me well wishes that I get the break I need!  And after my little break I will be delving back into the past and probably sharing some of my journal entries.  That will be hard for me probably, since I haven’t viewed them in a while.  Reliving the past is super hard.





3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. Sending you positive vibes that you get that much needed break!

    Btw, I have a question… How can you know specifically who reads your blog? Is there a way to find out through stats? Always wondered if the OW was reading mine.

    1. You can use google analytics or Statcounter. I only use it on my one blog that I know she knows about. I probably should attach it to this one, but it gets so many hits it would be hard to know. My other one doesn’t get too many and it’s fairly easy to tell. Statcounter gives you the city, State, IP, device, Country, how long they looked, etc. The IP tells you nothing unless….they look from a business. My OW looked from her work. So, when I looked up the IP it stated her place of business. Bingo, knew it was her. But, after my husband informed her of what I was doing, she stopped and started using hidemyass, another one if you look up the IP it leads back there. However, if they are looking from home, no way to know. You just get the city. And since I share my public blog on FB there’s no way to know if it’s her if her city comes up, because lots of that city do. However, she was using a VPN. I started noticing a lot of foreign countries which had never showed up and I had not posted anything in a long time. I don’t even really look into it anymore. I just observe that the exact same person looks at my blog everyday, multiple times and know it’s her now. I use Statcounter myself. It’s pretty easy to set up and it’s free, and gives the most info.

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