I just can’t escape her


This was one of the emails in my box today:


At first glance I thought it was an email from her, because it said her name, but then saw the via Twitter in parenthesis. I thought I was going to have to eat all of my words that she would never apologize or change. But, alas, I will not need a plate tonight, nor a fork.

I have not used my twitter account in a very long time. And to be honest, I don’t even know if it is still active and I certainly don’t know the password anymore. But, they were so kind in sending me this particular email, weren’t they?

I honestly do not know why I cannot escape her. Maybe it’s a cruel joke the universe is playing on me. Maybe it’s destiny or fate or something I’m missing. But, I can’t escape her. Maybe I’m not meant to yet.

On top of this, a few weekends ago I went on this girls’ shopping trip with my daughter and sister. We went way out-of-town and had lots of fun…until I got home. My husband was eager to hear about our trip and what I bought. And at some point he laid his head on my lap as we were talking. And here’s where she gets interjected into this fabulous moment……all of sudden he bolts up and says that whatever I have on, I need to get rid of. (During this trip me and the girls went into Sephora to try on the scents. And, unbeknownst to me, I had inadvertently put on HER scent. What???? I knew what she smelled like from the numerous times I smelled her on his clothes. But, I never knew what it was called or where she got it. And, I still don’t. And because all of those scents take on a different smell at first, I could go back again and still not come out of there knowing I was wearing that particular scent.) I, of course, washed it all off. But, this scent is a strong one. It’s on my jacket and my watch band. It seems to be there to stay for a while. Again, what?? I feel like a line out of the song “Girl Crush”, as I literally did drown myself in her perfume. Unbelievable. And I still have no clue what it is even called. I suppose the answer is to stay out of Sephora.

I have completely accepted that she is now part of my story. However, I could do without her random injections into my world. And maybe that’s the problem, the randomness. What would I have done if it HAD been an email from her? Honestly, a confrontation WITH her would be more desirable than these arbitrary moments OF her. At least an email from her would be a concrete thing I could deal with. My only way of dealing with this email is to vent here.

In other news, my husband asked me to go for a late ride in the Corvette with him. It was unexpected and so much fun and involved some ice cream from DQ. I will take this kind of randomness any time.


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