Spying 101

My friends often tell me that I should be working for the FBI because of all the things I was able to accomplish in figuring out what was going on with those two.  After all, I was able to hack into his email, his phone, and record his conversations with her.  It all sounds glamorous and very spy-like.  It wasn’t.

The first thing I did was get his email.  Even I was shocked at the ease of this one.  Because he had an Exchange email, it was easy as pie and in real time.  One night while he slept, I took his phone and mine and filled in all the email blanks.  The only thing not shown was his password, but I knew all of his passwords, so in minutes, his email was on phone.  If he got an email it came through on my phone as well, at the exact same time.  If he read it, I knew, if he responded, I knew.  The only thing I had to remember to do was not to open any email, or he would know somebody opened it.  The first day I had it set up, they exchanged emails.  That email went something like this:

Bobbie:   Let’s blow this off and take a walk (they were talking about a meeting)

Him:  Tempting….so tempting

Bobbie: Please?  I will do anything to not have to do this.

Him:  Are you really dreading this?  Why?

Bobbie:   I dread shitty attitudes

Him:   Like yours now?  C’mon, I’ll do my best to keep everyone’s attitude positive.  Promise.

Bobbie:  Will you hug me later?  

Him:   Meeting went great.   In spite of the chaos leading up to it.  And I would LOVE to hug you later 🙂

Bobbie:  Attitude all better now.  Red Bull also helps.  

This email took place on February 17th, about a month and a half after I found out.  He did nothing to make me think it was still going on.  But, you know I had this gut feeling.  Now, one thing I failed to take into consideration when I set this email up on my phone was what I would do if they did email each other.  If you want to know and truly understand the definition of self-control, this was it.  In order for me to gather information I couldn’t say or do anything about this email.  I made his dinner, had sex with him, and had to act completely normal.  I. Did. Not. Sleep. That. Night.

The next day, February 18th, another email exchange:

Bobbie:  Are you ok?

Him:   no

Bobbie: What’s going on?

Him: Pressure at home.  Pressure here, finally getting to me.  And I can’t be in the same room as you.

I was driving when this one came through, picking my kids up from school.  Needless to say I was not driving very well.  When I got home, he called to say he was going to be leaving work soon.  I watched as he deleted the emails.  One by one they disappeared.  Only I had already saved them all.  Two days in and my heart and nerves could not wait one more second.

He met me at the kids’ practice.  Out in the hallway, I asked him if he still wanted to “capital LOVE hug her”.  Knowing his phone has been in own possession all day and he had not even been home from work yet, his face turned white.  I told him he was severely underestimating me.  I honestly have no other memory, other than those words of what we said to each other.  Maybe had I not done this, she would have gotten bored with him, instead, she saw me as a challenge.  She had never encountered anyone like me before.  She was not used to losing.  And she likely thought a stay-at-home mom was no match for her.  Little did she know, I was much smarter than her in every way.

But, now I had blown my cover.  He would not contact her this way.  And I was going to have to find a new way to catch them….which I did, and it was brilliant!  The subject of my next blog will be all about that.





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