Anniversaries and feet and inches

Here on the east coast we just had one whopper of a winter storm.  What started out as a forecast for inches of snow, turned out to be more of a feet event.  And today, WordPress informed me it was my two-year anniversary for this blog.  You’re probably wondering how all of that could possibly be related to each other.

When I started this blog two years ago, I began it with uncertainty and trepidation and also with a goal of healing myself, even if it didn’t seem possible at that time to heal my marriage.  I knew I needed to heal me.  I knew my marriage was going to stay together (that’s just who we are), but I honestly didn’t know if we could ever be healed.  I feared it would be a for-the-kids marriage from then on.  And, I think we both had pretty much come to that conclusion and I’m not sure either of us cared at that point to think past the moment we were living in.  Every step we took seemed like we were moving at a snail’s pace, and literally only inches at a time.  And that didn’t include all of the backwards inches we were taking.

Someone posted a time-lapse of this weekend’s storm.  It showed the snow only slowly piling up at first, barely noticeable on the video.  All of that white was seemingly staying at the same level.  Chairs and tables and roofs were being covered in white at a very slow pace.  And then at some time in the overnight hours, the snow began to fall quicker and thicker and you could see the snow piling on, slow at first and then fast, taking over roads and cars and chairs and tables.  The snow became a force to be reckoned with.  All of the atmospheric elements came together to create the perfect storm.

At some point in our post-affair relationship we started taking shape too.  It’s true we started out moving forward only an inch or so at a time, sometimes not even that.  But, then suddenly, all of these elements came together swirling around each other creating the perfect environment for us to start measuring in feet instead of inches.  We were growing in intensity.

This weekend was one filled with so many elements.  Our family was snowed in together playing games and sitting by the fire watching the snow fall.  There was Rock Band and mini-hoop.  And later there was plowing and shoveling and snow forts and snow boots.  And everything was perfect right down to the name of the storm.

And he started a conversation on his own with me about our healing.  And we talked and conversed and listened and heard.  And inches quickly became feet.  IMG_8092




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