Letting her go

Today I went through my Facebook messages and deleted all of the pictures and videos that her friend had sent me. I wasn’t even tempted to look at them one last time. I had not realized how many there were. My cousin had sent me a few, but mostly they were from her friend. And, I also became friends on FB with my cousin, who works with her. I guess my cover will be blown. haha But, I do not care. My days of caring about her are over. The only things I kept were the screenshots that the other wife sent me of her conversations with her husband on yahoo messenger and email. Oh, and I had to save the nude photos of her that she either sent to my husband or the other husband, and probably somebody else’s husband. And, of course, I have all of my email exchanges with the other wife, and all of that priceless info that she was gracious enough to share with me.

Today, is a new day and a new beginning and I refuse to allow her to be part of it. From now on it will be concentrating on continuing the healing process and hopefully, like any scar, she will fade away and be almost invisible. It’s funny how we can become obsessed with the bad parts of our lives, and I think a lot of us have become obsessed with our OW. We hold in a lot of anger and a lot of resentment and maybe even become obsessed with what they are doing. I remember when it was first over I was asking a girl I know to tell me her FB statuses. Then when my cousin started working there I was asking her, somehow having this need to know what she was doing. That was the first thing to go. Several months ago, maybe at the point she told me that the OW was getting married, I made the decision to stop asking her details about the OW. And, though I admit it was driving me crazy to not really know about whether or not she actually got married, I was strong and did not ask any questions. And, I only occasionally heard from her friend, and it was never me that instigated that. And part of me is actually suspicious that she put the friend up to sending me her wedding video and pictures. She WANTS me to see it.    And, it sounds like an easy scam, just pretend like she’s not really her friend.

The bottom line is that I am moving on and I am moving on without her.  And I refuse to hold any anger or resentment.  She is not going to win any part of me.





11 thoughts on “Letting her go

  1. What is it about these tramps that want us to know everything they are doing? I have been sent messages and pictures of Loser with his attachment and their “itineraries.” Isn’t is sort of like getting a note slipped into your locker…..in high school? These women have the emotional maturity of a newborn flea…..and so do the men who are screwing them.

    1. The more I thought about it today, the more I truly believe that she put the friend up to sending me the stuff. There’s no other explanation. Like I said, I, in no way instigated the exchange. And deleting it all felt fabulous! I think you have the high school thing right….I have kind of always likened her to a high school girl. She is all about having fun, never serious about anything important.

      1. That’s exactly what I’m thinking about Losers’ attachment. I think, to be able to truthfully deny culpability, she has someone else send me the pictures and notes. Another indication that she is exactly what I have known she was from the very beginning….a jealous, insecure twelve-year-old who is afraid that the man she is shacking up with, will cheat on her….again….with me.

  2. Interesting timing of your post… I look forward to the day I can truly let her go.. But not yet… I spent the better part of yesterday hurt hunting.. And then went to bed last evening knowing what a wasted day I’d spent.. Shame on me. Truly a waste of time.

    I always admire the tone in your posts.


    1. I refuse to let her control me, after she did for so long. And, it was a long time. My husband has been telling me for so long to forget her because he has, and he’s right. My days are so much better and my life with my family is so much better not obsessing about her!

  3. The whore always has a strong desire to let the wife know that she’s screwing the husband so she sets the ball rolling. She wants the wife to divorce him or she just wants to win the “competition” with the wife. Always best to ignore them and not give them the satisfaction of the attention. They are pathetic specimens not worthy of a decent woman’s thoughts…..Great that you’re letting her drift away.

    1. There is no doubt, now that we know everything, that she wanted to “win”. And she always made her Facebook statuses to let me know what they were doing together. That is one great thing..she blocked me…two great things there, proved how juvenile she is and couldn’t handle MY statuses about him and also proved that she absolutely wanted to beat me at some game. She blocked me then made sure she posted about him knowing other people would tell me. All very childish behavior. And I don’t really care what she thinks about me because I don’t think about her at all anymore.

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