A Bit of a mystery

So, because of the nature of this blog, I do not have it set up on any of my devices, except an iPad that is mostly in the possession of my kids.  i have the app hidden in a folder away from their games folder, so I am very confident that it’s safe.  And, it requires a log in every time.    It’s also attached to an email that I only use for this blog.  And, I almost never check the stats, because I would have to log in to do so, and i’m not much for logging in.  I mostly log in the first day or two after an entry and that’s pretty much it.  I haven’t logged into my email associated with this blog in a very long time.  But, today I did.  I found something odd.  This:


I don’t know who cpmags is and the person never associated their blog with their gravatar,  so when I go to the cpmags gravatar that’s all I get, no website or anything.  I don’t know if it’s someone trying to reach out or what.  And, they obviously have followed and unfollowed my blog several times.  It just seems weird.  Anybody know who cpmags is?  I suppose it’s not a huge deal, as they haven’t been around in a month.  But, I feel worried for whoever they are.  It’s almost like they’re afraid or in fear.

All is well here, and I plan to post sometime later today!


8 thoughts on “A Bit of a mystery

      1. I mean to use that as a name for a starting off point… you could see if the OW is listed as friends with this woman on social media. Maybe there’s a mutual friends/”friends you may know” thing happening.

      2. Yeah, I looked, and you can’t really find out anything without paying. I didn’t even consider the OW, but I guess that’s possible. It doesn’t seem like her though. But, hell, what do I know? I don’t think it’s her though. Doesn’t seem like her.

      3. I also went through my notifications on here and that notification from cpmags is never listed, I guess because they unfollowed. There’s no indication that they existed at all, except in my emails.

    1. Yeah, I’ve done it before too. But, this happened more than just once…..still, that could be all it is. It just seemed strange to me that for four months it was happening. I suppose what’s worse is I never check my email! haha

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