Something I Missed

Way back in January of 2013 (geez, has it been that long) after her surprise phone call to tell me she was still screwing my husband he came home.  And sometime after he got here she texted me because she wanted the three of us to meet.  She obviously was very confident that when face-to-face with both of us he would pick her.  But, within those texts I told her that I had visual proof that he and I were moving along quite nicely.  I had texts telling me he loved me, some implying we had had some great sex, and ones talking about the future.  And I screenshot them and sent them to her.  She must have read them in such haste that she immediately said that they were from a few months ago ( and I guess therefore didn’t count ), but had she not read them in haste as I quickly informed her, she would have seen they were from four months prior up until the day before. And she, in return, sent me a screen shot from him from that very day.  I still have all of these texts on my phone going way back to when we were “friends”.  Well, I was her friend.  I have no idea how she perceived me, but I’m guessing she didn’t feel the same.  So, today, I was going through all of these texts.  I have no idea why.  I just started reading all of them.  And, then right before my eyes was something that I missed.  Something interesting.  This one right here:


She is in green.  Now, the words are just bullshit.  Him trying to convince her he wasn’t using her, yada yada yada.  Typical male ego shit.  He’s basically telling her that he ain’t giving her any more than she’s getting, which looking back, I’m not quite sure she wasn’t happy with that deal since she was obviously screwing someone else besides my husband.  But, then I looked up in the left hand corner.  Do you see that?  She has 76 more text messages!  76!!!!!  Do you see that?  76 freaking more messages.

I text a lot.  I’m on my phone a lot.  And, I’m pretty darn sure that I have NEVER had 76 messages in one day, let alone UNREAD messages.  My thoughts of her being a narcissist are pretty much confirmed now.  My question of how many more are there has gotten more serious.  Who else was she screwing?  Who else’s husband??

You’re likely wondering why he never questioned her about this.  The reality is her phone was locked up tight.  It had a screen on top to prevent anyone from being able to see it even if they were right next to her.  I’m quite certain he never saw it.  I am certain he likely realized at some point she was getting a lot of texts.  Maybe that was on his radar, with all of the other red flags he had on his map about her.

And I cannot stop thinking about my friend who would be alive and well today if her husband had not cheated on her.  Now, since the children basically disowned him, they have no parents at all.   All they have is the memory that some woman became more important to their father than his own flesh and blood.  I read on her FB page from the first Christmas that he did not spend with them.  And I remember that my own husband had told me she was putting the pressure on him to leave us at Christmas too.  I’m thankful every single day that the roots of our relationship were strong enough to make him think about what he was doing.



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