I’ve said it before, the domino effect is huge.  The cost of an affair is much more than emotional.  My husband had to work a whole lot of hours to get our pool back under control.  There was a lot of bailing of very yucky water.  It was awful.  Then we had to remove the old liner, which was fine structurally, but stained really badly.  It took all of us to get it up and over the pool walls.  Then there was the cost of replacing the liner, and likely we will have to replace the pump, etc.  It is finally filling with clean water.

I am hoping that this will represent us being clean, starting over, all of the yuck washed away.  At least this is what i was thinking as we were working on the pool.  Her presence was like algae in our pool.  An unwelcome intruder that is nearly impossible to get rid of, unless you drain and start over.  My husband and I were both drained.  He would not admit it at the time, but all of the lying and hiding and covering up was exhausting.  I was drained from the searching and spying.  We both were drained dry, and the algae really had no other choice but to be drained out.  And here we are, kind of soggy and wet and still not smelling too good.  But, we didn’t drown.  And we are still standing.  And as we slowly start to fill with clean water, this time we will remember to not let down our guard.  All seasons require diligent care.  You can’t forget.

We also had to do something about our “liner’.  We obviously couldn’t replace it, but we had to repair it, while still maintaining its integrity.  No matter what we do it will be stained.  That’s the hard part.  Even when we fill it with the cleanliness it will remain stained forever.  The stains of an unwanted intruder, finally drained away, but never totally gone.  But, we are hoping as time moves forward the stains will fade, and maybe be nothing more than a distant image of what was.



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