My story has a beginning, but the middle is way more interesting

Most people would want you to start reading their blog at the beginning.  That’s where D day happens and where you typically start telling your story.  And although my story does have a beginning, I think you will find somewhere in the middle a lot more interesting.  You see, that’s where my story changed.  That’s where all the magic happened.  Somewhere in the middle is where all the lies and deceit got pushed out of the way by an unexpected discovery.  You can start at the beginning if you want to, but I’m going to lead you to a post, and even that post isn’t the magic one, but instead the comments.  The post was random, general ramblings from me.  But wrapped in the comments between several other posters, something amazing happened.  It changed everything for me and my husband.  It was a gift, really.  A generous gift from an amazing woman who had 30 seconds of courage to give.

So, start here if you want the real scoop.

Proof that truth is stranger than fiction.


2 thoughts on “My story has a beginning, but the middle is way more interesting

  1. That is great! I wish that would happen to me because I know there is another married man that this happened to as well with the same woman that manipulated my husband.

    1. I got lucky. I know that. I wish everyone could get as lucky as I did. It truly changed the game, that’s for sure. But, we are moving on, slowly but surely. Every day is better than the last!

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