The Walk

Hello friends! We had the opportunity for a weekend away with two of our children. We had a soccer tournament and spent the weekend a few hours away in another city ( same city as my lovely friend the other wife lives ). We needed this little trip away. The boys were still grieving for their dog, as were we, and a different place was welcomed. We were all looking forward to the weekend. My husband had told me the week before that he was really looking forward to going and that he thought it would be good for us. We were busy with soccer most of the day on Saturday, but knew we had the evening free. We declined the team dinner and the invitation to swim at the hotel. After we got back, we got the boys settled and my husband asked me to take a walk with him.

Walks have always been our thing. Ever since we met we have walked. We probably have had our most intimate conversations while walking. The invitation to walk was a big deal for me. The weather was mild and there was a walking path next to the river. It kind of sounds like a scene out of a romance novel when I talk about it, huh? I'm not sure how romantic a walk by a river is supposed to be. And, to be honest, we didn't talk about anything important or intimate. We engaged in general conversation that could happen between any husband and wife. But, that's the best part, just him and me holding hands quietly laughing and talking about nothing. That forgotten word from our past-normal. It was normal and that made it perfect and romantic.

He has told me that the OW wanted fairy tales and magic. It's probably the reason for her dissatisfaction in life, searching for the unrealistic. The walk wouldn't have been enough for her, but we loved it.

He has told me that her lifestyle had been intriguing to him. That was part of the draw, I guess. We were a family with a lot of kids. She's child-free. Carefree. No anchors to speak of to hold her anywhere. I guess that's the reason for her many indiscretions. She really has no reason to stay faithful to anyone, not even herself. I suppose he realized that long before he found out that she wasn't ever faithful to him either. But, he still needed to reconcile that in his mind.

His invitation to walk is his way of saying he's reconciled his thoughts, along with his other many other out reaches to me. I suppose other men may buy jewelry or flowers, or other gifts. But, he knows that's not me.

He knows that walk means much more.





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