She killed our dog

No, it wasn't a fatal attraction situation. But, just as traumatizing the same. Let me back up.

Back in 2007 we put in a pool. Because of our steep lot we had to put in an above ground pool. Really, it was above ground on one end and below on the other. My husband loved this pool. He took meticulous care of it. In fact, he was never in it solely to enjoy it, but mostly combined that with vacuuming and netting. It was great and we all loved it for a few years. The summer of 2012, after her introduction into our lives, was the first time I ever saw it green. It was the first time he wasn't meticulous about the pool. The next summer was worse, with the cover really not on right. Tons of leaves got in. It was July before we got it cleared up. Last summer we never even opened the pool. It was so green and really required a complete do-over. He hadn't even bothered to cover it up the previous winter.

Last Sunday we had a party at our house, so we moved our dog outside, and it was a beautiful day. He loved being outside. He was on a tie-out under a tree up the hill from the pool. We had tied him out there hundreds of times before. All but two of us left after the party for soccer practice. We left our dog out to enjoy the rare nice day in March.

At some point, we don't even know when, or what happened, the dog ended up in the pool. My 12 year-old son found him. It was probably the most traumatic thing I've ever experienced. My poor son had to see something he never should have. We were all so devastated and felt so horrible for that poor dog. Three days later and we are all still numb. And we are still questioning how he ended up there and why he didn't get out. The water was low and the ladder was in. He had never went near the pool before.

When we were alone, after we had gone to bed, my husband said he should have had the cover on the pool. I wanted to blurt out that he didn't because he was too consumed with everything that happened with her. I didn't blurt it out. Our emotions were too raw. Losing the dog that way was too traumatic. I said nothing, but I screamed it in my head. I screamed that once again her actions caused us destruction, even if it was through the domino effect. I honestly believe that he was thinking the exact same thing.

I am feeling pretty low. Angry again. And I feel so terrible that my kids had to go through something else that she was responsible for. My poor son is so upset. I know he will never get that image out of his little mind. And as a mom, there's only so much I can do to ease that kind of pain.

Sad face. And just another reminder that affairs are far more reaching than we could ever think.



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