How are those sheets working out for you now?

I have a list of things I want to say to the OW, but probably won't. But, the title there above is a big one. Her smug and callous bragging that she screwed my husband on the sheets he bought her still makes my blood boil. But, at the same time I want to throw it back at her. After all, those sheets will never see him again. And I'm sure they never saw just him anyway.

This weekend her name came up with my sister. She was traveling with a mutual friend of theirs. My sister does not sugarcoat things and when her name came up my sister made sure that her friend knew that this person slept around……with everyone. This person's husband is in an organization with the OW. We long suspected that she also slept with him as well. After all, he meets her criteria-married. Whether the friend brought her up to see what my sister would say is up in the air, but her husband has a new cell phone number as of today.

In case you're wondering, my anniversary was spectacular. It felt normal. And we even left in time to pick our boys up from practice, which is definitely something we would have done before, even though I had made arrangements. His card to me was perfect. It was him. Something he would pick out. Normal. I love normal.

Every day that goes by things move forward. And in bits and pieces and through minutes and moments we talk it through.

And I'm thinking my next entry will be called Things I Want To Say To The OW.



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