Feeling Good

Life has been going pretty well friends. I am feeling better than I have in a long time. I really love to write, so today I started a new blog. I have two others besides this one, both on WordPress, but this time I went with another site. I'm trying to stay as anonymous as I can. I loved the name of my recent blog, and I really wanted to keep it, and luckily it was available using blogspot. I am so excited about this new venture! I hope to eventually have my own web page. But, that will be a while. I will still be using this blog for this story though.

Back on the homefront things are good. We are very busy with basketball right now and just our crazy life. With two kids in college there is a lot going on. We may be getting some snow this weekend, and the thought of a nice fire and spending the weekend with my family is so appealing. Translation-I can't wait! I'm hoping the weatherman doesn't disappoint.

My lack of self-control when it comes to the OW is pissing me off. I think I've looked twice today already! grrrrrrrrr I'm going to swear that tomorrow I won't look even once! It's probably a good thing she has me blocked on FB.

While I may be obsessing about her lately, I've not been obsessing about him. I still daily look at him though and think, there's no way he did this. I'm wondering if I'll ever get past that. I think in my next entry here I will talk to you about him. Maybe that will make me stop with her.

This healing process still sucks though! I hate it! But, I know it's a necessary process. We all know it's a necessary process. And I know we all know it sucks.

But we all will get through this!




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