What is wrong with me?

For some unknown reason, that maybe only the rest of you could possibly understand, I have found myself creeping on the OW's blog. She hasn't updated it in months, and I know this. So why do I keep looking? No idea. But, if you have the answer, please share. I keep asking myself why I even care. But, for some reason I do. We both started our blogs ( my one I share with the world ) at about the same time. And, a few months ago I started a completely separate one that I had hoped she would not know about. But, whether fortunately or unfortunately, the second post I made to that one went a bit viral with more than 7000 shares on Facebook. She likely saw it through a mutual friend, as some of my own friends started sharing it unbeknownst to them that it was even mine. So if I don't want her to see mine, why am I looking at hers?

When we both started our blogs it was virtually for the same reason, dealing with the love-triangle. She started hers first under the guise of fashion. Mine was just a blog about life. But, imbedded in all of the posts was all of this. Her pain and mine intertwined into something that he was the common denominator of. It was all part of that Bizzarro World I wrote about in one of my earlier posts on this blog. There's some bizzarre connection that I wish I could shake. Most people would think I was crazy to give her a second thought. But, the really bizzarre thing is, everybody would think I was crazy except her. And maybe it's all just because he's the common denominator.

I have went months without looking. And there's been times I couldn't go an entire day. I go through periods of weakness and strength. And neither has much to do with where I am with him. Right now things are great. They are better than great. So why on earth am I wondering what's she's doing? I think maybe my closet project brought it on. It was a huge thing that was put off when everything came out. Maybe it's only natural that I'm thinking about her.

Now, one of you lovely people tell me I haven't lost my mind!




8 thoughts on “What is wrong with me?

      1. If you said you weren’t interested at all, in what the OW was up to I’d think she’s lost her mind.
        It’s so natural to want to know..ya know?

        There’s clichés regarding this. ‘Keep your friends close, your enemies closer’ and ‘Forgive but never forget’ etc. Mostly, I think truthfully it’s also a way to reassure yourself that she’s at a safe distance from you and yours.

        Once a month..pffft. you’re doing great. I’d not be as good as you are about any of it. ☺

  1. Its like turning up at her funeral (which i hope live to see one day). It won’t be about paying respects like the other attendees, it will be just to check she’s really dead. There are plenty of understandable motives that have nothing to do with being insane.

    I have the same irregular regularity with Argyrodes and it has yielded the odd gem that made my day and I have never found anything that i did not want to know. Even finding her boring is nice.

  2. I think its completely normal. I find myself checking her Pinterest occasionally. It did get to be a little too often so I stopped, it’s been a while. Maybe I should go and check how sad and boring her life still is 🙂

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