The Marketing genius

I have from the beginning believed that my Facebook posts were the catalyst to the whole affair. The other woman saw that our life was good. People had often told me that our children were so great because we were such a great example to them. We were the epitome of the perfect couple. I won't deny that the loss of that is very hard to come to terms with. The other day in the car he said we were different from everyone else. I couldn't help but blurt out that we were different from everyone else, but not anymore. I regretted saying it, because I know it hurt him. But, that's how I felt. I want to feel like I used to, it's coming, but slowly.

The other woman's background is in marketing. And she used those skills, coupled with some Facebook info, and the knowledge that he was considered trustworthy, a true family man, to formulate a marketing plan that she felt would bring down the strongest man. He resisted at first. She took that opportunity to start her plan. After his no to her, she met him the next day to THANK HIM for saying no. When I think about it I want to scream. I know he's smarter than that! Only he wasn't. By his own admission, she got him with that one. She made him believe that she was genuine. But, I suppose he made her feel he was being genuine as well.

Once she hooked him, the rest was easy. Although I saw his internal struggle every single day, she made it hard to let her go with all the free blow-jobs she provided him in the basement of their building. I felt like every weekend he was back to him. But, even with his multiple good intentions, her marketing of herself was too much for him. He was frequently distraught. And all of the hiding and lying was also too much for him. While she was believing he was going to leave me for her, he and I both knew she was on her way out. He knew deep down, as he had voiced it to me a few times, that she could never be faithful. But, honestly he wanted to believe she had changed just for him. He wanted to believe, but knew the reality of what was. People who knew at work warned him that she slept around, even those who she believed were close to her.

Bobbie is great at marketing herself. She makes you like her. I felt like she was someone who really understood me. I felt an intense connection to her, like I could talk to her for hours. It turns out she had that effect on many. She simply becomes whoever she needs to be for you. Marketing at its finest. I suppose she does this with everyone, without anyone really knowing her. She's a chameleon. And I doubt she even knows herself.




2 thoughts on “The Marketing genius

  1. This is common with all of “those” women. We call them the “go to women” because all the firemen called the secretary at the fire department the girl they could go to for sex…therefore being known as the “go to girl”.
    They don’t have to be in marketing. We have found that they are usually pursuing numerous men at a time. They turn it to act like it was the man’s idea.

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