What a difference a year makes

In a few months it will be a year since this blog completely changed my life….again. It seems a bit unreal that so much has happened in the last year and the last four years. In weeks it will the four-year anniversary of finding out the impossible had happened. To this day I look at my husband and think there's no way this man would cheat on anybody. This is especially true when he's back to being him again. When we talk about it these days there's a lot of remorse. And in a few months it will be a year since someone came forward in the comments on this blog to tell me their husband was cheating with the same woman.

But, I will touch on all of that later.

The holidays were fabulous. My family had such a great time being together. We stayed up late and played lots of board games. We just enjoyed each other so much. Life feels good again. I made sure I texted my new friend, the other wife, and thanked her again for being so transparent. How could I ever really thank her though? No amount of thanks could ever be enough. And God only knows how the stars lined up that she found this blog and then found the courage to comment. It's amazing.

I plan to write here more often about our healing process. It's been a journey through love for sure. I know I have posted very little in this last year. To be honest, it's been overwhelming for myself and my husband. But, my goal now is to help others now. Every situation is different, but in many cases the stories are the same, the same as mine. I know very few people will get as lucky as I have. But, the characters are likely the same.

Stay tuned. And thank you all for helping me through this and keep commenting!



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