Fairy Tales

I was Cinderella. I thought for sure I was Cinderella. I had found my prince, and that surely made me a princess? Wasn't I? I find Cinderella a fitting name for me through the whole affair, before, during and after. I have found I can relate to this princess. I had my Prince Charming. My garments were glittery ball gowns of self-esteem, pride, and happiness. I wore the most beautiful crown of love with nearly every peak representing a child we created together. We were different. Set apart from the rest. We were what the rest hoped to be.


I felt like the belle of the ball with my loving prince. It was like a dream come true. The shoe fit me! Me, of all people, was found to be the one the shoe fit. I was living the fairy tale. Did you hear me? I was living in my own fairy tale, and all of the pages had my name on them. I was the one wearing the most beautiful ball gown. I was the fairest of them all to my prince. I was the rescued damsel in distress living out my life in a well written storybook.


I took the cinder part to heart and I found myself standing in the ashes of a burned out fire wearing clothes that felt like rags, the rags of despair and humiliation. Rags that he forced me to put on, after he ripped away my beautiful gown. I felt like somebody's maid, locked away from life and left to wallow in the grief of what once was, inside my once grand castle that was suddenly a burned out shell left smoldering and smoking. I had lost track. I let the clock strike midnight. And everything disappeared.




My family is lucky. My husband is lucky. Both had a strong foundation, there to catch us all when it all came crashing down. And somewhere amidst ashes and soot, and without his gallant steed to ride in on, dressed in the rags of a peasant, my husband found my broken crown somewhere near his broken throne. And there began the search for the shattered pieces of a glass slipper that still fits only me.

While construction continues on our grand castle, we are taking our time, building thicker walls. And this time when a dragon comes along breathing fire, they will find a fireproof exterior and a great security system.

Living happily ever



6 thoughts on “Fairy Tales

  1. I still can’t get it to invite you. Stupid set up for the invites. The only other way I can think of is if you email me so I can use that instead of the site name? I hope I can make it work.

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