No more white picket fences

No more “you're the only one”.


And that's what an affair does. It takes away the “only”. No longer are you the only one. You become one of the countless ones, just going through the motions, existing as best you can.

My life is fine, things are good. I really have nothing to complain about at the moment. It's all good, with the exception of the loss of “only”.

The loss of that “only” is so huge and obnoxious. It creates a shadow right behind it that stretches far and wide.

Add an “if”. If only.

“If only” stretches my imagination too far, a place in a fairy tale.

No more I'm the only one.

Because that's all done with now.




2 thoughts on “No more white picket fences

  1. Yep. Made love last night and he said “I’m all yours”. Had to bite my lip not to say “yeah, now!” He used to say that when we made love even during the affair. Puke.

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