Standing above the rubble

I am relatively certain that the piece of trash has read my other blog, regarding the other wife and me finding each other. I think this based on something she wrote in her blog. Something about nothing was going to take away her happiness. Yeah, whatever. I feel really worried for her new guy. I hope he is not in too deep.

Things are going superbly here. Graduation is over and sports are winding down. Life is better. You're probably thinking that life is better because my husband is making it better. That's not it at all. I mean he is being himself, but really it's the knowlege of everything else. That is what makes it better. An amazing and huge weight has been lifted from me. I wish all of you could experience that. I wish you all could find out all the things I've found out about my other woman with yours.

They are tearing down a church here in my hometown. It's a beautiful old stone church that was suffering due to lack of funds for repairs. The entire building is laying in a heap to be carried away by dump trucks…except the grand tower. I assume they are waiting until last to tear this down. But, seeing that tower there amidst all of that rubble reminds me of me, and hopefully of yourself. Admist all of the rubble I am standing tall above it all. And the rubble is what's left of everything else. There is too much destruction and the only thing left to do is to haul all of the rubble away and start rebuilding. The beautiful stone building is gone and it can never be rebuilt like it was, but it can be rebuilt. And, I guess that's how I feel right now. The rubble of something that used to be grand is in heaps around me.

The church was bought by a chain store. And it will look like all of the other chain stores of that brand. Where once stood this grand structure with beautiful stained glass windows and cut stone and high towers, will now stand a store like all of the other stores by that name. It won't be different or special, it will be cookie cutter. It won't stand out. Nobody will say it's different or special. Nobody will call it beautiful.

That is what my marriage has become. We are rebuilding, but the grand towers and one-of-a-kind feeling are gone. We are just like everyone else, a statistic, the same-cookie cutter.



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