The other woman is about to find out that we have found out everything

You know that meme going around that says there's no need for revenge to just wait and those that hurt you will eventually screw themselves and if you're lucky God will let you watch? Yeah, well, I have another blog that I share with my world. I have had it a long time, and I mostly post about family things, or situations, etc. That blog was the primary reason I started this one. I couldn't get out what I wanted to say wholly in that one. Most of the people around me did not know what had happened. Plus, I share it on Facebook and my kids are on there. But, I did decide to post about me meeting my new friend, complete with a photo of the two of us and with the hotel behind us where the low-life slept with her husband. I just had to go about it in a very sly way. I, of course, never mentioned the whys or the hows. And I picked a title that fit perfectly with what happened. And I just mentioned that I was found through another blog and that something great happened. I tried to be as vague as possible.

It really won't matter how vague I am because, you see, the other woman reads that blog on occasion. It won't matter how vague I am being, she will figure out immediately EXACTLY what it means. I just wish that I could see her pathetic face when she sees the picture of us two wives together. But, I guess I can't have everything. And she will see that we took the picture in front of the hotel and know EXACTLY what that means. And she will know that I told my husband and showed him all of the emails, nude photos, and messenger messages sent between her and the other husband. And she will know that he now knows her “love” for him was nothing but shallow, empty words that meant absolutely nothing, and proves that she is clearly in need of help—–just in case her overdramatized suicide attempt didn't clue herself in to that fact.

And, the funniest thing of all, from reading the piece of trash's last blog entry, her new man must not be too keen on her having so many relationships with other guys, including her ex-husband. I'm just going to sit back and watch that one implode as well. If you want her blog address go back to my entry “it was my fault because I spied on him”. It's in the comments.

And to all of my followers and commenters, I truly can't thank you enough for all of your support. It was because of you that everything fell into place. 🙂




13 thoughts on “The other woman is about to find out that we have found out everything

  1. My version is I turned up and told her husband (with some graphic proof). He immediately called her and told her if seen him but didn’t tell her what I had said or shown. First thing she does within seconds is email my husband a cosy cosy “are you aware what Nephila just did?”. He wrote back yes, and she had my support *and copied her husband on the reply*. So the poor man could see her first reaction was to run to Paul and attempt a “gotcha!”. She thought he was still on her side, silly woman. Well I hope her husband held her to account. They looked miserable in their Xmas photos.

      1. Ditto, but then she just whines about all his lies to her. I’m like “you knew he was married, no other truth was relevant”. So he told her he’d leave and he didn’t despite her pressure. That makes him identical to 90% of cheating men. She went after a man wanting him to cheat for her. She’s not in any position to complain about being lied to. She reaped what she sowed, not even.

      2. He told me she was putting a lot of pressure on him to leave. She didn’t love him, obviously. She wanted to win the game. That’s all it was to her. She is simply pissed that she lost.

  2. I’ve been reading your story tonight. Incredible! I must admit I lurked over to OW’s blogs, and she is one loon! Love that last quote! My husbands affairs were a long time ago, but I do know that the one that lasted the longest, the one who pursued him like crazy and even made an attempt to reach him via his adult son years later. This after he’d confessed everything and 16 years after the affair. Um, do you think she had it bad for him? Anyway through some sleuthing of my own, I found out that her ex-husband had cheated on her many times and had left her. (Which was when she attempted to contact mine). Suffice it to say, I was a little thrilled to find out that she was on the receiving end, Shame on me :))

    1. Not shame on you. My whole life was sleuthing for a long time and then the truth just showed up on its own. It really is an incredible story. I still can’t believe it sometimes. I am grateful for the internet and good people!
      And, yes, she is a loon!

  3. The quote is so true and absolutely so perfect for this blog/post. Your healing is continuing – take care and write on!

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