I got to meet the other wife

I am lucky. I know that. Lucky that another wife found me through this blog. And lucky that we live in close enough proximity to each other that we were able to get together for a very long lunch. It is a great thing to not only talk to someone who has been through what you have been through, but to actually have been going through it at the exact same time. Not to mention the fact that the same low-life woman was sleeping with both of our husbands at the same time. This, in itself is incredulous, since the low-life was also married, but the fact that the other two men live two hours apart from each other. My sister says it's one of those stories that she wouldn't believe had she not known for a fact it was true.

My new friend and I did spend some time talking about how she found this blog, and how she wondered, geez, is this the same woman?? She went back to the beginning, read it all, and then realized that, yes, it was the same woman. I asked her the question I had wondered all along, did she hesitate before she commented? She did. She considered saying nothing. It all could be different right now. Her words and my blog have healed us both in a big way. We both realized that our husbands meant nothing to this woman and they were just another notch in her hat. It was nothing special at all. And in all of this, that means everything. Does it still hurt that they both thought that it was special (until they found out it wasn't)? Yeah, it does. And quite frequently it makes me angry in the opposite way, that he slept with this piece of trash, who was sleeping with who knows who else, and jeopardized me, the kids, his job, his reputation, and it was for nothing. Let me say that again…it.was.for.nothing. Well, nothing except the pornographic sex that she gave them both. The absolutely awesome blowjobs that she gave somehow became more important than their wives, children and jobs. They staked their reputations on those awesome blowjobs.

One of the things my friend and I realized from talking at lunch, was the same language these two men used. They clearly were both obsessed with her. Even after getting caught they both kept trying to go back. I remember telling my husband once that she sleeps around and he knows it…his answer was that she had changed. Changed for him? That's what he thought. She had changed her ways for him….you know, while she was sleeping with other married men. After being caught both men said these words; I had been recording mine, and I heard him say, please don't stop calling me. Funny, the other wife said at lunch, and I hadn't told her that yet, that her husband said the exact.same.words, but in an email, or maybe a text. Seriously, that's what a great blowjob can do for you, cause you to lose your freaking mind.

She preyed on the weaknesses of our husbands. And when she found out what they were, she marketed herself to them as being completely understanding of their plight. She was going to help them be better people. She would be there for them. They both said that she made them feel special. Uh, yeah, blowjobs and sly marketing will do that. I guess having a loving wife and beautiful children just can't compete. And speaking of beautiful children, my beautiful daughter will be graduating next weekend in the top five of her class with highest honors and will be giving a speech. That is what makes me feel special. And I wouldn't have it any other way! There is no sex that can compete with that. Actually, I can't think of anything that can compete with that.

As for the other wife and me..we are good. Knowledge is POWER!



7 thoughts on “I got to meet the other wife

  1. What an amazing opportunity!

    So happy to hear that this horrible experience has found an amazing healing path.

    It’s almost as though you both ripped away the blinding, fake glitz of her lies and persona to expose the rotten piece of flesh she is in real life!


  2. Love your blog name! But I’m a little worried, LOL, two betrayeds talking over lunch, the song & how it ends, how wonderfully delicious!!!

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